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Here are 15 tips for buying a used car

New car prices are at record levels, but for car buyers on a budget, buying a used car can be an attractive alternative, because the customer can save about 23% compared to the purchase price of the new version of the same car.

But how do you choose the right car for you?

Here are the top tips for buying a used car

1- Determine your budget: Although used cars are cheaper than new ones, they represent a significant cost. Therefore it is important for the buyer to set a realistic budget to pay for the car.

2 - Beware of additional costs: Make sure your budget is greater than the advertised price, to be able to transfer ownership of the car and pay insurance and fees.

3 - Weigh the financing options: If you are going to borrow, you should go to a bank or credit company for pre-approval.

4 - Evaluate your needs: Before you start the purchase process, you must determine what you want from the car, the size of the car, and will you need the car to work on bumpy roads?

5- Search the Internet: Search engines, especially on successful websites, make it easier than ever before to find a suitable used car.

6- Go to showrooms: If you are not sure about the type of car that interests you, go to one or more local dealerships to research different models before making your decision.

7- Find a reputable dealer.

8- It is not related to a specific car: It is important to provide yourself with many options when buying a used car.

9 - Ask for the vehicle inspection report and check its identification number.

10 - Mileage: Mileage should be considered an important factor in buying a used car.

11 - Check the car carefully: You can check the used car yourself when you see it for the first time.

12 - Make the most of your test drive Never buy a used car before taking it for a comprehensive test drive to make sure it's the right one for you.

13 - Professional Check In addition to your own check, it is important to have the car inspected by a trusted professional before completing the purchase.

14 - Negotiation skill: As is the case, the offered price is the price requested by the dealer, but with a simple negotiation process, you can get the car at a price lower than the offered price.

15- If you are in Istanbul, you can go to the Al Khaimah Car Showroom, get the best offers and prices, and receive your car directly

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