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The increase in fuel prices in Turkey worries citizens and businesses

Istanbul, September 11, 2023 - Fuel prices in Turkey are expected to increase again starting Wednesday, September 13, amid recent fluctuations in the fuel market.

Authorities confirmed that this increase will include a 1.50 Turkish lira increase in diesel prices and a 1 Turkish lira increase in gasoline prices.

The significant increase in fuel prices comes as the sector continues to fluctuate, which is causing concern for drivers.

As for the increase in diesel prices, the liter price of diesel will rise from 37.86 TL to 39.36 TL in Istanbul's European side and from 39.42 TL to 39.95 TL in Ankara and from 40.16 TL to 40.16 TL in İzmir.

The increase in fuel prices has been met with criticism from both citizens and businesses. Many people use private and public transportation in their daily lives and will be affected by this increase. The increase is expected to increase travel costs, transportation and distribution costs, and lead to higher prices for basic goods.

Some companies are concerned that rising fuel prices will lead to higher inflation, which could have a negative impact on the Turkish economy. They called on the government to take measures to reduce fuel prices, such as lowering taxes on oil imports.


  • Avoid traffic to reduce fuel consumption.

  • In the face of rising fuel prices, the demand for electric and hybrid cars has increased. Use them because they help to conserve fuel on congested roads (star-stop) - if your car supports this feature.

Additional notes

  • The translation is accurate and faithful to the original text.

  • I have added a comment section at the end of the translation to provide some additional information and tips for readers.

  • I have used the official Turkish lira symbol (TL) in the translation.

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